Amplify Theme Update: 19th March

Amplify theme has just been updated! Here’s what’s in store:

More header customization options

You can now customize the header / feature / navigation much more with the following options:

  • Remove padding on container (this means that the navigation bar and feature image will go right up to the side of the container). Example.
  • No spacing on feature image (this will mean the feature image will have no spacing between it and the navigation below, as well as the header or top of the page). Example (this example also includes no padding on container).
  • Place the nav over the the feature image. Selecting this option will place the navigation over the bottom of the feature image and have a transparent background. Example (this example also includes no spacing on feature image and no padding on container).
  • Feature image height. This size is in pixels and the default set is 250. The width will always remain 940px. So you can now create feature images that suit your look and feel!

Social Bar

Bandcamp icon has been added to the social bar and the last.fm icon has changed from requiring a username to a full Last.fm url. This is so that you can link to artist pages and not just user accounts.

More iTunes and Custom Widgets

You can now add up to two more iTunes album links (so three in total now). The album artwork for the first link will use the first album artwork. You can upload additional artwork for the second and third iTunes links.

Two more custom widgets have been added too, so there is now three in total! So you can go crazy now with your Youtube/Vimeo embeds etc. 


CSS3 animations have been introduced for all opacity hovers. The navigation will now show an active colour if that item is the last selected and you can also remove the home link from the navigation menu.

Don’t forget, if you’re using Custom HTML you won’t automatically receive the update. See here for more info: http://amplifytheme.tumblr.com/updates


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