Any updates made to Amplify Theme will be listed below. Please note that your theme will automatically update to the latest version unless you are using Custom HTML. If you are using Custom HTML, then you will need to back up any custom changes you’ve made and apply the theme again.


V 1.6, 17th May 2012

- Added support for “shows” pages with the Songkick sidebar widget.

V 1.6, 14th March 2012

- Added support for new Spotify and Soundcloud audio embeds

V 1.5, 19th March 2012

- Added more customization options for the header / feature image/ navigation including removing padding on container, removing spacing between the feature image and placing the navigation bar on top of the feature image
- Added a bandcamp icon to social bar
- Changed the last.fm username to last.fm URL for social bar so links to artist profiles can be used
- Navigation items that are active will now display a different colour which can be customized
- Two more custom widgets
- Two more iTunes links and artwork
- CSS3 animations for opacity links
- Replacement iTunes icon (now transparent) 

V 1.4, 1st March 2012

- Added support for Mailchimp sign up forms

V 1.3, 9th February 2012

- Fixed Instagram bug which caused Tweets not to load
- Flickr photos now open in new window
- Ate bagels that I baked myself. 

V 1.2, 3rd February 2012

- Added Spotify to social icons
- Fixed bug for visited hyperlink colours
- Added support for Instagram integration 

V 1.1, 27th December 2011

- Added Soundcloud and Hype Machine icons to social icons
- Option added to disable infinite scroll 
- Option added to hide Archive and RSS links from main navigation
- Option added to show the pic of the asker for question posts


We are a five piece band who love writing music.